Garage Floor Coatings by La Salle Painting, Inc.

What brand of coatings do you use? Your contractor should be willing to give you the supplier’s name and telephone number for all products they recommend. You have a right to know what products will be used in your home. In our business, we use Arizona Polymer Flooring.

May I please have the technical data sheets for the products you use? A “technical data sheet” is an industry-required document that describes the characteristics of the product. As a homeowner, you are entitled to have the technical data on any product used in your home.

Are you a licensed contractor? This is your home. You have the right to ask for proof of licensing. Proper application of garage flooring materials requires technicians who are trained in surface preparation, application, and finishing techniques. If they say they are licensed, ask to see it.

What is the level of volatile organic compounds (vocs) in the products you use? Today’s premium coatings are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, many companies still use older products that have hazardous levels of VOCs. Make sure the company you choose uses products that have been rated as “Zero” or “Low VOCs” by an approved ASTM International test method.

Are the materials you are using industrial or consumer grade? Industrial grade materials are designed for long term durability and can withstand most common garage spills. Consumer brands, such as the big box stores, are not as durable and tend to fail. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners by purchasing cheaper consumer brands resulting in floor fails within 6 months.

Can you do a one-day process? The correct answer to this question is: “It depends.” You want to avoid companies that automatically guarantee a one-day process before testing your concrete for moisture. The moisture content of a concrete slab can vary widely from home to home, even in dry climates like Palm Springs. There are many products on the market that allow for one-day installations, but when the moisture content is above 1% on a Tramex MVT meter, applying these products can lead to blistering and bubbling of the finished surface.

How do you test for moisture? First, make sure your contractor tests for moisture! If they do not as part of their process, find someone else. Next, ask “What brand of moisture meter do you use?” Make sure the contractor uses only a Tramex brand moisture meter. This device is the tool recommended for accuracy by the National Society for Protective Coatings. Moisture meters purchased at a big-box home improvement store will not yield accurate results

How do you handle existing cracks in the concrete? There are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Due to cracked concrete’s potential for shifting, you should avoid technicians who say their product can simply be applied in the cracks to fill. Instead, look for firms that use an elastomeric substance to provide a flexible surface on which to apply the floor coating. Without elastomeric crack treatments, you are setting yourself up for continued cosmetic issues (and more payments) in the future.

What is your warranty? Finally, make sure you compare warranties with all companies you interview to finish your garage floor. You want to enjoy the results for many years to come. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty, in writing.


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